Blockchain Business Services KFT is a Holding Company established in 2019 and based in Budapest, Hungary.
Our mission is to build a technological eco-system to facilitate the Tokenization processes of tangible and intangible assets.
The Hungarian based BBS Blockchain Business Services KFT does not provide financial services.
The Hungarian based BBS Blockchain Business Services KFT does not provide cryptocurrency services.
The Hungarian based BBS Blockchain Business Services KFT does not carry out any currency exchange services.
The connection between BBS and the FinTech market is exclusively that of a technological nature. The BBS eco-system offers platforms and solutions used in the FinTech world.
The connection between BBS and the cryptocurrency market is exclusively technological. The BBS eco-system offers platforms used in the world of cryptocurrencies.
BBS's mission is the construction of technological platforms. The blockchain is the underlying technology for the immutability of data. The first phase of the project comprises the use of the open Etherium Blockchain, but the company plans to build a dedicated blockchain.
Blockchain Business Services KFT based in Hungary does not have the appropriate licenses to provide financial or crypto currency services. The BBS project was created to put in place the conditions for companies and investors to co-operate through the use of a technological eco-system, capable of supporting tokenization processes.
Our business model is the rental of our technological eco-system to companies that fulfill the regulatory requirements as well as being in possession of the appropriate licenses to provide tokenization services. Fees will be charged for every transaction carried out on our platform.
The only connection that BBS has with the companies that offer services via it's Cloud Service Exchange (CSE) platform is a Business to Business Rental Contract. Only companies that have the appropriate licenses and fulfill all the legal and regulatory requirements (for example a crypto exchange license) will be allowed to rent the platform.
After a Rental Agreement has been signed, a specific procedure in the tokenization process will be put in place which requires that all legal obligations are carried out in accordance with the country in which the license has been issued. BBS provides all the technological tools to facilitate the management of these operations, however the company is obliged to keep records relevant to every transaction as part of it's legal obligations.
An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is being planned and underway. It will offer seed, private sale, pre-sale and public sale phases, respectively.
All members are required by law to carry out recognition processes as well as provide an acceptable document of identification. Only after completing and passing the Anti-Money Laundering questionnaire will a person be able to access the platform and purchase tokens
KYT (know your customer) checks will only be carried out during the ICO phase if any suspiscious activity is detected. BBS reserves the right to carry out random checks as and when required.
Associates will be required to purchase CSE (Cloud Services Exchange) Tokens which are offered in order to finance the development of the technological eco-system. If an Associate would like to contribute to the actualization and completion of the software platform they can purchase CSE (Cloud Service Exchange) Tokens and will receive Utility Tokens in exchange.
A CSE Token (CSE is an acronym for Cloud Services Exchange). It is an ERC20 Utility Token on the Etherium Blockchain. Since our roadmap foresees the subsequent construction of a proprietary blockchain, Tokens will be migrated afterwards.
We are not offering an STO (Security Token Offering) because the CSE Token represents the utility of a Technological Cloud Platform .... that is .... the use and advantage of software and not the value of assets.
Each Tokenization process creates a Security Token which is considered a financial instrument. The Security Tokens will be issued by the company in possession of the Broker Dealer licenses, not by BBS.